Spreading Holiday “Cheers” with Hot Buttered Rum!

Searching for the perfect gift for the holidays?  Warm the soul and spread some holiday cheer with Homemade Hot Buttered Rum.  Chef Debby Stein whips up a quick and easy gift for any holiday occasion!  Along with entertaining tips (to follow) from Viridian Design Studio, your holidays will be as delightful as this decadent cocktail.

Let’s Do This!


ice cream, brown sugar, powered sugar, butter, rum
Gather your ingredients!

ingredients and mixer
Set up your mixer and …..
mixing hot buttered rum
Mix on low speed to combine ingredients!
hot water poured into mugs
Meanwhile….put some water on to boil (you will pour this in the mug after the mix)
topping cocktails with whipped cream
Set up your mugs and add The Mix, Rum, Hot Water, and Homemade Whipped Cream, of course!
mugs of hot buttered rum
Ahhhh, the aroma of freshly grated nutmeg…

Fresh Grated Nutmeg on Top

Sip of hot buttered rum
hostess holding mugs of hot buttered rum
Hot Buttered Rum ready for your guests to enjoy…and more in the mixer to pack up as gifts!
recipe for hot buttered rum